Social ideas and solutions

Let's try this again

Delay our Date

Send an announcement instead of an invitation

Let friends and family know that you have "tied the knot" or are celebrating a milestone event. See more
Show me something you've seen and I'll try to do something similar.

Send a thoughtful message to show you care

An easy way to let someone know you are thinking about them. Good for friends and business associates as well. Several nice ideas here or ask me to design a card with your logo and special message. See more.

One customer set an alternate date

On one set of invitations that was sealed and ready to mail, we designed this round label for the envelope flap asking guests to leave more information on their response card.

One customer is doing a zoom event

The family will be at their home and the Rabbi at his home. Everyone else will join in on their computer screen using the Zoom app. I added a short note to send with their invitation and will help with a reminder email the week before.

Response card

I'm suggesting each response card request additional information besides name and how many will attend...adding a line for email address and phone number so you can stay in contact with any updates.

You might need special wording for an enclosure note

"In light of the current situation, we're changing our date so that everyone can celebrate with us safely..."