Dissertation by Jordan Brown

As I’m looking through the invitation and web-site for our reunion, I go back, in my mind, to  our roots at Taylor Allderdice, and the roller coaster of emotions that teenagers in the 50s, (like us),  went through growing up during that time. How did you end up adjusting?

I get this nostalgia about what has become of us, those that I only see at the reunions, and those of you I don’t see. We get together every ten years or so, but I don’t get to ask each of you personally about the quality of your lives. How have you done? Have you accomplished most everything on your lists of things to do before you die? Is there a glint in your eyes when you talk about Allderdice, or Pittsburgh? I hope that each of you have great, or at least good memories of coming from a place and time that is gone with the wind,   I do.

Each link off of the home page takes me to lists in different categories: current e-mails; those missing; and those who are gone, etc.  I can’t always put faces to the names right away anymore, but then I know it’s time to get out my yearbook and refresh my memories of the faces your names used to look like. I do this on occasion, just to keep you somewhat alive in my thoughts.  Those of you that I interacted with are easier, but most are not. How utterly amazing it is to me that we all shared a  significant period of our lives together and of course never realized then, how far and distant those days would become. Wow, its’ a long time ago.

I stayed in the Burgh, ( I’m  happy  l’m still living my fantasies here), but I see your  different area codes and addresses. I think about the plethora of places that you have and are living in, and how far some of them are from where we jointly come from. Do you proudly say you’re from Pittsburgh anymore?

I guess what I’m getting at is my wondering how significant being from Allderdice is to you. For me, I’m still from here and consider myself one of the luckier, because I am. Pittsburgh is such a unique place on the planet, (personal opinion), that I want you to feel the pride that I do about being from here. Those who will come back for the reunion probably do.

I am fortunate to still see a few of my fellow classmates on a regular basis, and that is one of my greatest gifts received, but I want to know if you have something similar? I wish that for you. I know how grounding it is for me.

I don’t know why I wrote this, (getting closer probably), but I do understand that my questions will never be completely answered. However, I want you to know that I’m proud to have made it through those days and years since: The Wall, the front steps after classes, the Hot Puppy Shop, Boom Boom Beck, Coach Soffield with his pencil, pad, and smile, Mrs. Myers singing class; my home room 264, and all the other places and people we share in our past.  l look forward to seeing you.

October, 2017