Another Creation – 2017

Seven folded cards (Group C) ~ and two flat cards below (Group D) from 2017
These cards are always available and will be updated at no charge if needed

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Group C (folded card)
Font: Antero, Ink Purple

#370 Inside

# 370 ~ Blasts of Color ~ Group C

Description: This encaustic paintig combined with silhouettes creates a striking Rosh Hashanah image.

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371F#371 - Tikvah
Font Antero, Ink color Purple

371-i#371 Inside

#371~ Tikvah ~ Group C
shown as a Folded CardFont: Antero ink color: Purple

Description: Hand made paper collaged together creates this wonderful image that ellustrates out hope for the New Year...Peace.

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372f#372 - Chai Life
Font Flamingo, Ink color Purple

372-i#372 Inside

#372 ~ Chai Life ~ Group C~ shown as a Folded Card

Description: This colorful painting on silk depicts many prominent Judaic symbols which combine together to create this wonderful image.

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373f#373 A - Shofar & Poms
Font Flamingo, Ink color Purple

373-i#373 Inside

#373~ Shofar & Poms, Group C.

Description: This painting on sild depicts two important symbols of Rosh Hashanah: Shofars and Pomegranates. The shofar signifies redemption and divine compassion while the pomegranates signify joy and mitzvot.

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374-i#374  - Shalom Haolam
Font Flamingo, Ink color Red

374-i#374 Inside

# 374  ~Shalom Haolam ~ Group C,  Folded Card

Description: This playful painting on silk depicts the joy of children and klezmers celebrating the New Year.

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375#375  - Pomegranate Party
Font Uisis1947, Ink color Black

375-i#375 Inside

#3757 ~ Zentangle Torah ~ Group C folded card

Description: Zentangles and Sprayed Ink create the illusion of a setting sun and the power of Torah.

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Five flat cards (Group D)

476f#467 - LHP5778
Font Lulo,  Ink color White

#476 ~ LHP5778 ~ Group B ~ Flat card ~ 5x7

Description: This playful twist on Modern Calligraphy creates a unique image for 5778. Trendy hand lettered sentiment. You can change the hand calligraphy words for 30.00...4 words maximum.

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477f#477 - Enlighten
Font: alana  Ink color: Purple

#477 ~ Enlighten ~Group B ~ Flat card

Description: Power of enlightenment is illustrated in this Jewish New Year card.

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