Another Creation: More Vintage Flat

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These vintage designs are always available...any dates will be updated.

Another Creation

Christmas and Hanukkah FLAT cards

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Christmas and Hanukkah Collection - (always available)
 Another Creation 25 50 75 100 +25
Group B - flat
60.00 80.00 114.00 142.40 34.80
Return address free all season. Shipping is 15.00

893 flat: Monoprint Blizzard

706 flat: Dreidel Card with your Photo

707 flat: Dreidel Star

889 flat: Color my World

701 flat: Crayon Dove

B#690 Flat~Flight of Matisse's Doves

680 Flat~Dancing Santas

681 flat: Window on New York City

476 flat: Play in Snow

684 flat: Street Art

687 flat: Give Peace a Chance

473 flat: Peace Hope Joy

471 flat: Play Dreidel

472 flat: Seasons of Peace

Flat: Chanukah is Here