Another Creation – Holiday Sentiments

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#1236 inside

Font: Calks: Ink: Blue


#1238 inside

Font: Bella~ Ink Color: Dark
Blue ~

#1240 inside

Font: Korinna ~ Ink:Blue

#1242 inside

Font: Cut Paper ~ Ink:Red



Font: Korinna ~ Ink Color: Blue

#1244 Bee Sweet inside

Font: Korinna ~ Ink Color: Blue


#1245 Inside

Font: Braveblood, ~ Ink: Dark Blue



inside: Antero, ink color: Teal

#1248 Inside

Font: Elaine Hanks, ink color:Blue

1216 inside, Font-Antero, Ink-Teal


1217-inside, Font-Braveblood, Ink-Blue

1218 inside, Font-Palmerston, Ink-Blue

1223 inside, Font-Avant Garde, Ink-Red

1224 inside, Font-Brotherhood, Ink-Purple

1226 inside, Font-Asly Brush, Ink-Blue


1230 inside, Font-Bradley Hand, Ink-Blue

1231 inside, Font-August Boy, Ink-Blue

1232 inside, Font-Asly Brush, Ink-Purple