Alaska Videos


In Juneau we visited the Mendenhal Glacier. It has melted and receded in recent years due to climate change. Then we went whale watching on a small boat and saw a pod of about 10 whales. We watched their water spouts and then as they came up for air and then dived. What an exhilarating day.

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Juneau Alaska – Glaciers and Whales

In Skagway we took a bus into a cloud at the top of White Pass Summit. It was cold and desolate. As we descended on the other side of the mountain into Canada, the clouds parted and the view was breathtaking... Then someone called out "I see a bear" and there she was with her 3 cubs. What a spectacular day.

Skagway and Bears

In Portland, Oregon we spent a day at Vista House and saw some waterfalls.

Vista House – Portland, Oregon